Friday, March 23, 2012

Addition of Family Members to the Blog

All members of the family are invited to contact me via email or Twitter to provide a link address for listing in the sidebar.  This includes children, wives and ex-wives, grand-children, and great-grandchildren, although the invitation to the latter will likely be somewhat premature for most of them.  While any of this information can be obtained online, I don't feel it is my right to include anyone without permission.

Suggestions for additions, improvements or contributions of photographs or commentary can also be delivered the same way although the latter preferably by email.  Alternatively or in addition, any family member can be added as an author and, if your preference, as an administrator to contribute and/or moderate material personally.  I'll expect everyone to show the same restraint and respect you'll find here as this isn't an appropriate forum for debate.

I'll be happy to proofread and submit any contributions if that is your preference and my commitment is that nothing will be edited for content, only for formatting and minor spelling or grammatical errors.

The family can be fractious at times but I also remember six kids lined up in their pajamas in front of a Boeing 707 on the runway in Honolulu.  The blog is not my property and all of you know that his first response to fractiousness would be to make everyone stand in the corner.  Please treat the blog as if you are speaking in front of him as, in my view, you are and so am I.

With all love and respect to Alex and Anne Fraser and everything they brought into the world.

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